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What is EduPlus ?

We empower Your Education

EDUPLUS is a system that empowered your education. It will empower your education using technology. To withstand this global education world we should use technology as well. “Education + Technology”. EDUPLUS is all about minimizing the distance between the teacher and students and also between teacher and parent. We inter- connect these three parties to a one place using EDUPLUS. Additionally, the aim of our system is to gather teachers, students, parents and institutes to one host. To make a better place.

What EduPlus Offers?

Privileges to be Delivered

The world is moving faster than we think and that's why EDUPLUS became a smart solution which empowers the relationship of Student, Teacher , Parent and The Institute based on the latest technology. If you are a teacher or have your own institute , EDUPLUS will manage your total institute with all the students itself, Meantime students will never get disappointed with any of the operational matters even though parents since we have managed and covered all 04 aspects.

Learning Never Exhausts The Mind

- Leonardo da Vinci

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Our Features

Attributes that we deliver for our end users


Smart Attendance

The smart attendance is a system that is used to track the attendance of a particular student


Class Payment Management

Teachers and institutes will be able track the all student payment records


Learning Management System

All registered students are privileged to download and interact with all subject related contents


Exam Analyzer

Critically reviewing an exam can yield useful information to help you grow and develop as an independent learner

We’ve got you covered

Why Choose Us ?

This is where the decision goes right !


  • Smart Attendance
  • Learning Management System
  • Exam Analyzer
  • Exam Result Notify
  • Payment Notification
  • Student Progress
  • Future Target Result
  • Reports


  • Smart Card
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Learning Management System
  • Exam Result Notify
  • Mobile App
  • Emergency Class Notification
  • Download Source Files
  • Reports


  • We grant your child’s protection
  • Class attendance Notification
  • Exam result notificatio
  • Payment notification
  • Emergency class notificatio
  • Monitor your student progress
  • Stay connected with your child
  • Reports


  • Easy to manage your operation
  • Monitor Student’s progress
  • Continue progress of results
  • Accurate payment management
  • Hazzel free Smart attendance
  • Less operation cost
  • All in one secure platform
  • Reports

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